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The Snoozle Slide Sheet


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How does it work?

Without the Snoozle

Some people experience discomfort when rolling over in bed due to disease, injury or limited mobility.

place the snoozle on your bed

Simply place it on top of your regular bed sheet and lie on top. The double slippery layers will help your roll smoothly into a new position.

Go straight back to sleep

Our customers tell us that they sleep much better with the Snoozle and that it has improved their quality of life.

Such a simple solution to a real problem

The beauty of the Snoozle Slide Sheet is how effective it is when it comes to solving a painful problem. Our customers come from all walks of life and are dealing with a wide range of ailments like arthritis, cancer, are recovering from surgery or simply threw out their back temporarily.

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A slide sheet that lets your body glide into turns, without effort

A Simple Solution to a Serious Problem

Over 40,000 Snoozles Sold!

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When will my order arrive?

Normally, shipping takes around 2-6 days.

Can I return an item if I'm dissatisfied?

Returning an order shouldn't be a problem, simply contact us:

Can I change or cancel my order?

If the order has been shipped it's not possible to cancel it, but you can return it for a full refund, excluding shipping cost.


How much does shipping cost?

Shipping 1 item is $3.9 but shipping for 2 or more items is free.


What is the Snoozle made of?

The main sheet is special polyester, the edges are satin.

How should I wash the Snoozle?

You can wash it at up to 90 °F with a small amount of detergent. Do not bleach or put in the dryer. Do not hang outside as UV rays can make the fabric less slippery. 

I still don't get it, how does a slide sheet work?

We know, it can be a little hard to get your head around it. A slide sheet is a cylinder made out of special fabric that is comfortable on the outside but extremely slippery on the inside. Imagine lying on a big pillowcase with an extra opening. The slippery sides on the inside will slide with you when you're turning in bed, making your movement much smoother than if you were lying on top of a regular sheet. Instead of having to lift your body up from the mattress to turn, you just sort of use your bottom to slide from side to side and making turning in bed easier. The Snoozle is a 4 way tubular slide sheet so it goes up and down and sideways. 

WIs it like a regular size bed sheet I need to put over my whole mattress?

Nope, not at all! It's only 28.4 Inches Wide x 29.5 Inches Long
and you place it on your side of the bed, over your regular sheet.

How exactly do I use the Snoozle?

Lay the Snoozle slide sheet on your side of the bed, on top of your regular bed sheet, with the openings at the top and bottom. It should not go over the side of the bed. Lie on on your back on top of the Snoozle and keep it approximately between your shoulders and thighs. Adjust its position if needed.Slide from side to side with the aid of the Snoozle. Try to adjust it as best you can after each roll.

Will it interrupt my significant other or get in their way?

No. It's on your side of the bed, it's not bulky and it doesn't take up a lot of space in the bed. In fact, your significant other will benefit from not having to wake up to help you turn at night!

Does it make any noise?

No, unlike some other types of slide sheets, the Snoozle makes no sound on crinkly noises when used.

If it's so slippery, won't I just slide and fall off the bed?

We get this question a lot. While she Snoozle is slippery, it's not as slippery as the nylon slide sheets found in a hospital setting. We always ask people to be careful because the slide sheet is slippery and you need to make sure it's not right at the edge of your bed or hanging over it. Never leave the Snoozle on the floor. Please read the warnings on the packaging.

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